A fur that will last a lifetime

Fur from Danish Kopenhagen Fur is a world-class quality product. A product and craft that has been refined throughout generations and that will last for a lift time.

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At Furbazaar we represent a new and refreshing way to make fur garments.
We combine innovation, craftsmanship and quality with an uncompromising customer focus.
At Furbazaar you get fast delivery, personal service, fair prices and perfect fit guarantee.

Isabella · Mink Jacket Rosa · Mink Jacket Tilde · Mink Jacket Edith · Mink Jacket Liva · Reversible Mink Jacket

a furbazaar fur

Your handmade dream fur

At Furbazaar we don't produce fur for stock or for sales. We produce furs for our customers, you. That way, you get a personal fur, handmade especially for you without having to compromise.

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A personal fur

Furs from Furbazaar always includes a personal embroidery


A part of Natures Collection A/S

Danish-based fur brand located in the countryside, in the middle of Denmark.

Customer Service:
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CET: 08:00 - 18:00

Contact us on:
📞 +45 71 995 090
✉️ hello@furbazaar.com