Preferred customer


When you buy a Fur with us, you automatically become part of our loyalty program. This means that if you refer to another customer(s) to us, you earn 10% of what they buy from us. This could be friends, family or people from your network or even people you just meet who asks about your fur. We always ask new customers who referred them to us, and then transfer the given amount to the referrer’s loyalty account with us.

It is a great statement of trust to recommend us to someone you know. This makes you more or less an ambassador for the product, material and service we deliver. For this reason, we also believe that it is only reasonable that this trust is honored.

Important to remember is that, those you refer that buys, now also become part of the loyalty programme and is now also able to save up for their next fur. 
We are experiencing more and more loyalty customers who are either out of excitment about their own purchases or because they are asked where they bought their fur, more or less has referred them selves to a new and free fur from us.

Get in touch with us or retrieve your loyalty account statement trough the formula below: