Fullfill the formula below and create your return

Shipping & Returns

Made Easy

Return guide step-by-step:

1. Before 14 days after you have recieved your order, fill in the form below. Fill in: Order number, name, email, choose a return reason and choose to get a refund, replacement or a voucher.

2. When we recieve your form with return details, we will send you a confirmation email with a printable return-lable. This can take up to two days in weekends and holidays. If you fill in the form after 5 PM in the afternoon (central European timezone), you probably have to wait untill the next monday morning before you recieve our email.

3. Print the lable and put it on your package. The printable lable makes the return costs free of charge. You are now ready to ship your package back to us. When we have recieved your package, we will transfer the refund to your account.

4. If you wish to replace your return product: place a new order on the website. Write note in checkout or write to us in the chat or fill in the contact form. Tell us that your purchase is a replacement order and write the order number connected to the product you wish to return. We will refund your money for the return product and charge you for your replacement product - also if it is the same price.

5. Voila! You will now recieve a refund or a new product.