Why Furbazaar ?

We combine innovation, craftsmanship and quality with an uncompromising customer focus. At Furbazaar you get fast delivery, a personal contact, good prices and our perfect fit guarantee.


FUR as clothing has existed since humans began to chase animals for food about 170,000 years ago. Later, fur became a commodity that met a primitive need for man, namely to give warmth. In the 11th century, we started using fur as a status symbol and in a fashionable context in Europe. Since then, fur techniques have been refined and multiplied into what we know today.

MINK is one of the world's most exclusive and sought after fur types. The natural material is soft and fine, yet durable and long lasting. The coat gives natural warmth, which makes it the perfect outerwear. Mink is found in many different types, colors and qualities, but common for the Copenhagen Furs skins is their exceptionally high quality and their uniformity, density, and volume.

FURBAZAAR was born in the heart of Denmark in the spring of 2015. We believe the future of fur to be formed by challenging convention, and embracing innovation. We celebrate the principles and benefits of globalization and a truly custom-made buying experience. We embrace the technology that allows us to make fur available and accessible to everyone, everywhere. The International Fur Federation, IFF, has named FURBAZAAR "Entrepreneur of the year".

Knowledge, Craftmanship & Quality

Fur knowledge

Together with your fur you will receive The Fur Book. It describes all the processes and the great work that precedes the finished fur you receive from us.

Handmade in EU

All of our furs are proudly made in our studio in Greece. This is to ensure high standards and skilled craftsmanship. In Greece fur has a long tradition.

Competent partners

Our partners are the face of FURBAZAAR. They ensure a high service level and quality. One of them will be your personal contact person.

The story and process behind the finished mink fur